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Dr dre bitch niggaz

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That's what's wrong with you niggaz, you niggaz is just like bitches Hoe-ass niggaz, talk too motherfuckin much speak Study your own, get your own -- yahmsayin? Bitch niggaz bitch niggaz.. Bitch-ass niggaz beotch.. I meet mo' bitch niggaz than hoes - look here And I really don't know, but that's just how it go damn Dogg - so many niggaz like to keep up shit And just like a bitch beotch niggaz be talkin shit nigga Smilin in my face and then they blast me in the back ka-ka-ka-ka-ka Niggaz stay strapped from way back, cause payback.. Dre] These niggaz don't know what the fuck is goin on Yo Dogg, check it kick back Let me holla at these niggaz for a minute.. Straight off the streets of chaos and no pity The aggravated, makin these punk muh'fuckers hate it COMPTON is the city I'm from Cain't never leave the crib without a murder wea-pon Huh, I cain't live my life on broke no mo' And most of these fools ain't shit but cutthroats They smile in a nigga face - and for what?

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